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If you have received one of our leaflets in your mail recently and are intrigued as to why someone has gone to the bother of sending you a gospel leaflet we are delighted that you have made the effort to find out a bit more about us. If you have been referred here by a search engine or directed here by a link from another site we hope the site can be of help to you.

Why not follow the articles on our blog? Click on the GospelBlog link. You will find regular articles generally based on something topical from the news. You will also find information regarding leaflet distributions and special gospel meetings in your area.

**STOP PRESS** We have had a major problem with our website host which has meant that we have had to change the domain name to the ‘.org.uk’ ending rather than ‘.org’ as before. Apologies for any confusion!

In happier news – there are special gospel tent meetings planned for Cowdenbeath, due to start Sunday 16th June. For details seeĀ  this blog post.