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What’s On The Inside?

It’s funny how the most commonplace things can trigger off deeper thoughts about more important matters. For example, in a supermarket recently I noticed the slogan on the side of one of the shopping bags they were offering for sale: … Continue reading

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Finding Your Way

Christian friends from Dumfries and Galloway have shared some thoughts with us: Seeking Direction People are always on the move, always going somewhere, with a destination in mind. We have many devices to help us, a compass, maps, road signs … Continue reading

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Mailing in Dumfries Area

Another 11,300 homes in the Dumfries area will be receiving one of our leaflets later this month. If you have received a leaflet and want to know a bit more about us please feel free to get in touch using … Continue reading

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Open to Interpretation?

Listening to a programme on the BBC World Service this morning I was again informed by a liberal unbeliever that the Bible was never intended to be understood as a literal text and has always been, like the Koran, reinterpreted … Continue reading

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