Mystery Excursion

Mildly concerned this evening that the destination showing on the front of my train home is indicating that I have joined a ‘Mystery Excursion’. Sounds like a Harry Potter type adventure – who knows where I may end up!

I suppose that this is how some of us view life – a rollercoaster ride to who knows where. Except that it doesn’t need to be like that. Oblivion may indeed be an Alton Towers rollercoaster ride, but in this case life most definitely does not imitate art. Your destination is not oblivion, whatever it might be.

Instinct, as well as the Bible, tells us that we are more than just a physical being. To go down the road of arguing that your self-consciousness is just a product of chemical reactions in your brain is to remove the foundation of rational thought. How can you know that you really exist at all? We might all just be a virtual manifestation of a chemical anomaly. No, this way lies madness! You are able to consciously analyse your thoughts, reflect on experiences – even, if you are a neuroscientist, study the chemical reactions in brains, your own and those of others! There is a spiritual dimension of your being that transcends your physical body. The question is, where is that part of you headed?

The Lord Jesus spoke of two alternative paths in life. A broad road, leading to destruction and a narrow road, leading to eternal life. His comment on the former was that “many go in at that gate”. That is, they choose to head on a path away from the God who created them as a self-conscious, and I might add, God conscious, being. Of the narrow road He said, “strive to go in at that gate”.

Becoming a Christian, contrary to popular mythology and the unfortunate teaching of some is not something you can be born into. It requires you to make a choice. What about it? Are you going to carry on with the mystery excursion? Or are you going to hitch your wagon to a train headed for a sure and certain destination?

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