Easter Sunday

Thought for the week April 12 Central Fife Times

This coming Easter Sunday marks the anniversary of the day when the Son of God rose from the dead. The Lord Jesus predicted He would be crucified and rise again on the third day. Ancient bible prophesies foretold He would be stripped, sold for silver, whipped, His hands and feet pierced, and He would die for the sins of the human race. They also foretold that He would defeat death in rising again. The disciples simply did not believe this. They thought their world had come to an end when Christ died. The angels at His empty burial tomb said, “why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here for He is risen”. The testimony of those who heard the angels speak was not believed. But as the Lord Jesus revealed Himself alive to Mary and Peter, ate with disciples, walked with a couple on the road, and spoke to 500 at one time, suddenly their whole world was utterly changed, and as they believed their lives were transformed. A few fishermen were empowered to preach the gospel and Jerusalem was turned inside out. People who had seen a risen Christ were willing to do anything for Him. Caesar burnt them to death in Rome and all they had to say was ‘Caesar is Lord’ to escape, but they said instead, ‘Christos Kurios’ (Christ is Lord). Christianity spread rapidly throughout the world and many millions have heard and believed – thankfully, it came to the shores of Scotland. Christianity, uniquely, is not slavishly following a dead hero but a living personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ who died for our sins and now lives eternally. Easter Sunday gives hope and eternal life to all who will believe in Him: for He is risen. Happy Easter!

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