Gospel Drive-In Meetings 16 – 18 June, Craignarget Beach, Glenluce

It has been a long time! For months it was not possible to have any church services at all. Some Churches are now beginning to open up but restrictions remain. So, knowing that many of you want to attend a Christian service, starting Wednesday 16 June, we have organised a short series of three Drive-in Gospel Services at the beautiful Craignarget beach on the road from Glenluce to Port William – Check the map below for directions.

Invitations are currently being distributed in connection with these meetings across a wide area of Dumfires and Galloway.

A ‘drive in service’ means what it says, ‘on the tin’. You drive in, you will be directed to a place by a steward and you will stay in your car and listen to the service. The message is broadcast via loud speakers. Cars will be well separated. Social distancing measures will be in place to prevent any spread of the Coronavirus.

There will be no requirement to say who you are as the meetings are not being held in a public building – you can be completely anonymous if you wish.

We do hope that after this long period of isolation you will join us. We believe that the message of the Bible is so relevant to our lives and particularly in our context just now. It provides the answers to our deepest questions.

We look forward to welcoming all who can manage along.

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